The Soul

The One Critical Thing Your Church Never Taught You About Salvation

“. . . receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls.”         James 1:21

Isn’t this, above, the perfect picture of what life is supposed to be? Soft and snuggly, all cuddled up in tender wraps, relaxing in a beautiful, sun kissed meadow?

So then, why does if feel like we’re all living a life that looks more like this? 


As Christians, we serve The God Who Created the Universe. Our Savior turned water into wine, fed over five thousand with just a few fish – among a million other things – but we’re defeated when someone cuts in front of us in traffic.

You don’t need another preacher standing on his pulpit (having just experienced the same thing) telling you that this ought not to be. You already know that!

So what gives?

Why are we, who have been saved by Grace, instead, living these lives full of turmoil and regret? Not only regret of what we did a few years ago, but regret of what we did just this morning?

The answer is in our SOULS.

As the Western Church, we’ve done a great job of “taking the Gospel to the four corners of the world,” but have done a lousy job at creating disciples. (Matthew 28:19) I believe that part of the reason for this is that we don’t fully understand how to be disciples.

We want to live the “Victorious Christian Life” yet not pay the price that victory costs. (Revelation 3:18) Yet, if you take a look at other belief systems or religions, time after time you’ll see the commitment and dedication its followers adhere to in order to transform their mindsets to conform with that belief system.

Christians are instructed to do likewise, and yet, how many of us will? (Romans 12:2) Instead, we are “stuck like Chuck” running away from the mountain and telling Moses (our pastors and church leaders) to go up and hear from God for us. Then, Moses, you come down and tell us what to do. (Exodus 20:18-19)

And for this, I will say, like James, using his expression, “this ought not to be!!” (James 3:10)

We have entered into perilous times, and many are sounding the alarms. But just knowing the times we’re in is not enough. You must also become equipped. And I’m not just talking about the full armor of God (Oh, my, gosh, if I have to hear another message on that . . !).

What I am talking about is getting saved!

WHAT!! Yep. Getting your soul saved.

In the verse in the heading of this post, James is speaking to Christians, not unbelievers. Yet he is telling them to receive the word – in meekness (study that word!)  – because the Word received is able to save their souls. In stating that, he’s implying that their souls are not yet completely saved. And yet, that they can be saved.

So what gives? Wasn’t what Jesus did the finished work on the cross? (Hebrews 10:14, 18) Then how in the world could there be a need for continuing salvation??

We’re not taught this in our western churches, but yet, how many of you would admit that you know there has to be something more? That there has to be something we’ve been missing? How many??

Join me on this journey as we delve into this mystery.

Next week we’ll look to see what the scriptures say regarding Soul Salvation. You can read about that here.

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